24 May 2009

How to Create Custom Bill of Materials (BOM) Template to use in Drawings?

Download this Video Here

20 May 2009

How to search the Solidworks Files using Search Tool in Solidworks?

The SolidWorks search functionality allows you to search through your collection of SolidWorks and DWG documents by file name, feature name, parameter name or value, or by any term whatsoever in the entire file. The search is powered by an index that is created while your computer is idle, so it is quite fast. The search results are presented in the search task pane in a prioritized fashion.

By default the search looks at some of your local directories, the SW Toolbox, Design Library and 3D Content Central, and it offers you filters to narrow your results. To modify the Search path in SolidWorks, go to Tools, Options, File Locations, and pick Search Paths from the drop list.

Download this Video Here

18 May 2009

How to add a Design Table in Solidworks Drawing?

It is Possible to add a Design Table to a 2D Drawing So that if we update the design table in the part,it updates on the drawing as well.

Watch the Video which demonstrates the design Table Concepts in Solidworks.

Download this Video Here

Disclaimer: All solidworks videos published here for educational purpose only.The Credit goes to http://www.solidprofesser.com
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