08 October 2007

Solidworks Drawing Macros

Drawing Macros

1 Less Place - Removes one decimal place from the currently selected dimension (Jim Sculley)

1 More Place - Adds one decimal place to the currently selected dimension (Jim Sculley)

1_place - Changes selected dim to one decimal place (single or multiple dim preselected) (Sean Adams of Burleigh Instruments)

2_place - You figure it out...

3_place - Got it yet?

4_place - works nicely.

All Caps - Changes either all notes or selected notes on a drawing to all caps.

BomBalloon - Creates a note which includes Item #, Qty, Part Number and Description. Requires preselected component and a BOM on the active sheet. Has some limitations regarding active assembly configurations. (Matt Lombard, Sean Adams, Dave Clapper, Jim Sculley, Malcolm Stevens, SW API Tech Support, my Third Grade teacher Ms. Sorensen and Aunt Millie.)

Date - Will update a custom property called "date" in a drawing to the current date. (Joe Jones of NH CAD)

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