07 October 2007

Solidworks Assembly Macros

Assembly Macros

Colorize - Traverses one level deep into assembly and turns parts random colors. (Kevin Silbert)

Fix and colorize - Fixes all parts in an assembly plus function of Colorize above. Great for use with imported assemblies. (Kevin Silbert)

Transparency On Macro - Executable - Select a part in the assembly and run the macro. Sets the transparency to a value you can change in the macro. For this one, a macro is provided to run an executable. Please download both files. No source code is available for the exe, however the macro shows you how to launch an executable from a macro. You will need to edit the macro to point to the path of the executable. (John Gigl of SolidWorks)

Transparency Off Macro - Executable - You need these two to turn the transparency off. For some reason it is not just a toggle with one macro.

Assembly Mate Macros: Preselect appropriate faces in an assembly and hit a hot key.

Note: Angle defaults to 60 deg and Distance defaults to 1" (both defaults can be set within the macro, but remember to use radians and meters!)

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