06 October 2007

Solidworks Part Macros

Part Macros

CG - Creates a 3D sketch point at the center of gravity of a part. (Chen Gingold, edited by Matt Lombard)

Close Feature Manager - Toggles the Feature Manager open and closed. (Eric Franco, John Gigl of SolidWorks)

reset ALL configs.swp - In this macro, I attack an annoyance that SW created recently where configuration names include the Document Name in brackets by default behind the actual configuration name. This macro processes all configurations within a part or assy to turn off the setting that shows [Document Name]. (Steve Lauer)

Delete Planes - Traverses your part and deletes any planes that have no dependent features (Chen Gingold)

eqcurve - input an equation (quadratic or periodic functions) and SW creates a spline curve (Matt Lombard)

Face Color - Removes all face colors and changes them back to the model color. Great for use with "moldability" macro. (Joe Jones of NH CAD)

Feature Color - Removes all feature colors and changes them back to the model color. (Joe Jones of NH CAD, adapted by Matt Lombard)

HLR Search - Changes the HLR setting of all the parts in a selected directory to "HLR Same Color as Shaded". This is a Zip file which includes VB6 source code and executable. (Matt Lombard)

IsoViews - Creates 3 additional Isometric views in parts and assemblies. (Mark Reimer)

make_4new_ISOs.zip & make_8new_ISOs.zip - As their names suggest, these macros create new ISO views - either 4 top ISO's or 4 top & 4 bottom ISO's. These macros are unique from others I have tried in that they will not give poor results if the default views have been changed. Also, I have not seen any macros like this that would give an ISO from below (bottom ISO). (Steve Lauer)

Point Cloud - Takes a list of XYZ data and makes points in a 3D sketch. Includes a sample data file. (Jim Sculley, edited by Matt Lombard)

Random Color - Assigns a random color to the current part.

Split Feature Manager - Toggles the Feature Manager as 1 or 2 panes. (Matt Lombard)

Toggle Centerpoint Display - Toggles centerpoint display for sketches. (Heikki Leiko)

Zoom 1 to 1 - Edit a constant in the macro to size your monitor in pixels, and this will show the part 1:1 on your screen. (Joe Jones of NH CAD)

Sketch Relation Macros: Preselect appropriate sketch entities and hit a hot key.

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Me said...

Hi. Thank you for this set of macros. How should I switch it on? After dropping to SolidWorks 2008 SP4 window I've got a message: "Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set". What should I do?

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